Thursday, April 21, 2016

Hey Babe. Let's Hold Hands.

I quote movies.  A lot.  My father does too, as do both of my sisters.  My childhood memories are basically made up of working different scenes of Terminator Two into daily life.

Nick and I quote Friends and Armageddon to each other on a daily basis.

Holly fills her texts with references to Mean Girls and Troop Beverly Hills.

Movie quotes are just a thing. I didn't know other people do it (I don't know if it's just perhaps my strange circle?) but I'll tell you this- my proudest moment as a mother revolves around a movie quote and just happened last week.

My kids can and do quote movies often. It is, apparently, genetic. It's in their BLOOD.  But there's a difference between randomly spouting off some hilarious gem, and working a quote seamlessly into a conversation.  That's the difference, that's where the magic lies.

We were at dinner a few weeks ago (we NEVER eat out, so this was extremely special) and I was rambling on to Nick about something or other, and I said 'hey babe' to try to get his attention.

And out of NOWHERE, inflection absolutely PERFECT, Ava says 'Hey babe. Let's hold hands.'


My baby is a genius.  I am SO proud. Seriously, I almost cried.  It was funny, it completely fit the situation, it was spontaneous and unprompted- it was just absolute perfection.

Other mother's don't get weepy when their kids learn to quote movies.  I'm okay with that.

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Monday, April 11, 2016

A Finished (Cotton+Steele!!!) Quilt

My ready made quilts STILL aren't flying off the shelves (although someone did finally snatch up the Liberty quilt!!! dancing lady emoji) but I've had two custom orders recently.  Can't really complain about that.

The first girl wanted to start with the Diamonds quilt I made for Serena all those months ago, and she wanted a full size too.  Gag me. I seriously just do NOT enjoy making the big ones.

But make it I did, and of course- OF COURSE- I absolutely love it.

As always with  my half square triangles quilts, I started with a grid from this website, opened it up in PSE and filled in the colors the customer and I picked. This is a completely different kind of 'project' than actually sewing, but I gotta say, I love it just as much.

She went with some of the Netorious prints from Cotton&Steele, which were TO DIE FOR.  I've never gotten to work with Cotton&Steele before and there was a noticeable difference.  It was thick and creamy and luxurious and buttery and just so so LOVELY.  Sigh.  *side note: I ordered from Hawthorne Threads and while I'm sure they're fine in the states, shipping took FOREVER.  I was seriously worried I wouldn't get it done in time*

But they did finally come, along with a Kona Snow layer cake, and we were off.  Making two hundred and fifty five half square triangles.

Whomp whomp.

I'd ordered yardage for the colors and precuts for the 'white' so I didn't prewash the colors, just started tearing them into ten inch strips, then cut ten inch squares from that. I typically wash and dry fabric the moment it comes thru the door, but since you can't wash precuts, I didn't want any funny shrinkage going on in the final product- I wanted the ENTIRE top to shrink up together.  Whew.  I'm in an awfully chatty mood today, aren't I?!

I got incredibly bored and spent too much time video taping myself making them.  Feel free to NOT watch.

This is me making the squares. I gotta say, I sort of can't stop watching myself.  I'm like that dude who turned into a flower from looking in the mirror too much.

This one is taking those squares and cutting them into triangles...

And then finally trimming them up.


I use this method to MAKE my hst (although I don't think purist will like it- something about cutting on the bias or not cutting on the bias- I don't know.  I use a shit ton of starch and haven't had a problem) and this method to trim them up before I press them open.  That's a lie, I don't press.  I straight up iron.  I'm the world's worst quilter, basically.

Then it's just a matter of lay them out (don't forget to drink a diet coke while you do this part)... the squares into rows and rows together into a top...

...baste it in all of its gigantic glory...

...hate yourself for deciding to do a TWO INCH CROSSHATCH pattern but then cry when you see how gorgeous it quilts up...

...and then cry some more when you realize you can't get any decent photos of it bc you don't have a wide enough angle lens or a room big enough to back up appropriately.  Consider (briefly) going outside to do it, but you'd rather DIE than get even one SMIDGE of dirt on this sucker.

Make do with what you have.  Get it in a box and get it out of the house bc honestly, after forty days and forty nights, you never want to see it again.

But man if it wasn't gorgeous.  There's just SOMETHING about quilting every two inches, isn't there?

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Monday, April 4, 2016

Nicholas Scott

April fourth, two thousand and seven.  I'd been to the hospital at least a hundred and fifty times, begging them to just GET HIM OUT ALREADY dice.  I made peace with having to wait for my scheduled cesarian on April 5th.

Naturally, I woke up on the fourth in labor.  Hashtag figures.

He was gorgeous and I was enamored.

He loved to sleep from two weeks onward and he was the bee's knees for that alone.

He had hair, he wasn't actually bald. It was just so white it was transluscent.  And there wasn't a lot of it.

He turned one.  Most of us did it at one time or another.

He was the most gorgeous toddler, wasn't he?

He was OBSESSED with his vacuum.  He thought it was his baby and he treated it accordingly, diapering it and feeding it bottles and rocking it. I wish with every fiber of my being I had a photo of him rocking his vacuum cleaner to sleep.

He turned two, which was apparently nerve wracking.  He cut his cheek at a Thomas concert and I should have taken him in for stitches, but I didn't. Hashtag mom fail. Hashtag not the first and certainly not the last.

Those eyes though!

We moved to Connecticut when he was two and a half.

We moved to Guam just before he turned three.  Like literally, less than three weeks before. I can't believe it was that long ago.

Daddy came home right before Christmas.  I'm assuming. I actually have zero recollection of this. 

He became a big brother for the second and final time just before he turned four.  I'd been super nervous bc this was the time he was developing his more assholish traits, but he handled it like a champ and to this day, Scott is Daisy's favorite. 

This one I do remember. Nick was gone for five months and to this day (that's apparently the phrase of this post) those were the hardest days of my life. I seriously feel like such a badass when I think about how I survived.

He was...Joseph? Why can't I remember anything?

We moved to Hawaii a month or two before he turned five.

Christmas 2012, the last time we could swim outside on Christmas day.  Sigh.

He turned six in Ireland.  Hashtag how cool is that.

Christmases are cold now.

Seven.  Whoa.

He stopped letting people take his picture.  Hashtag I sat here for like six minutes trying to remember how to spell picture.  Hashtag am I going senile?

Christmas Eve, 2014.  Benehani.  Hashtag traditions.

Last year he turned eight.  What?!?!

Christmas 2015. He's like a tiny man.

But to me? To me, he's my baby.  He fit in my (gigantic) belly.  He lived under my heart.