Traveling with Too Many Children

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For the summer 2014 break, we took a three week, seven destination Great European Driving Adventure of Two Thousand and Fourteen. It. Was. Amazing.  (Obviously)


Spring term 2014 was pretty busy, we traveled on every single school break!!

For the Christmas holidays and to ring in 2014, we headed up to Prague. Over? Who knows. It wasn't my favorite trip, by far, but it was still gorgeous and fun. And so cold.

I overblogged for Iceland (autumn half term 2013) because I loved it THAT MUCH and I took 1762 pictures.  No lie. I didn't pull that number out of my ass, that's actually how many I took.  What the WHAT?



Here are the links to the vacations we took while we were stationed just outside of London.  To all the naysayers, or the new families who are worried: you CAN travel with children, even young children, even if the kids outnumber the adults two to one.  You just have to plan ahead, and mostly, you have to really want it.
And who wouldn't want it?

How we got to England. This was January 2013. Long flights, lots of kids, you CAN survive. And just for fun, how we got to Guam. You wanna talk about a long fucking flight?!?! Basically, after this, anything less than twenty three hours is a piece of cake.  This is the main reason getting to London was no big deal.

Three quick day-trips: Harry Potter Studios, St Albans, and our first time in the city. (Jan&Feb 2013)

Then the big one, our first 'holiday' in Scotland. So. Fucking. Cool. Sorry it's all crammed into one post. February half term, 2013.

And then spring break 2013.  We started in Wales, then took the ferry to Ireland.  Here's Blarney Castle, the Drombeg Circle, and Dublin, and here's the most amazing drive in the history of ever, the Ring of Kerry. And lastly, the Cliffs of Moher and the Rock of Cashel.

It was also here on these lazy days that I came up with all these Words of Wisdom.  Because OBVIOUSLY I'm an expert.  Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you... travel tips.

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  1. When I was abroad in college, we went to Bruges and it was my favorite too… sometimes there is just a "spirit," about a place that sits right in your soul, and for me, that was Bruges. (The chocolate didn't hurt either ;) )