Blogs I Love

(these are not in ANY sort of order)

Enjoy It by Elise

Another Day of Thomfoolery by the Bestie

Camp Patton by Grace

La Buena Vida by Meredith (one of my FAVORITES)

Mama at Home (another favorite)

Moosh in Indy by Casey

Robin's Chicks by Robin, the FAMOUS author and a real life friend (pinky promise, she sat behind me in nursing school!!)

Weathering the Storm by my Internet Soul Mate

A Cup of Jo by...Jo? Joanna? I don't know.  It's one of the Big Blogger type sites, but it's good.

Design Mom This is another of the Big Blogger types, but it's good too.

Erika Ray Photography by Ericka.  Duh.  This isn't just a photography blog though, this gal is HILARIOUS.  This is also where I 'learned to quilt.'

Girls Gone Child.  This is another Big Box Blogger but I like her too.  Great music suggestions, and ya'll know how I have a thing for twins.

My Life in Transition by Julia.  This is another one of my top faves.

This Life I've Found by LB.  This is the very first blog I ever read, and still one of my faves.  She doesn't update often, but when she does, it's usually worth the wait.

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